Body Protection: Modular Tactical Vest

Body Protection: Modular Tactical Vest

Modular Tactical Vest

Article No.: 1310020




The Modular Tactical Vest is a modular intervention vest specifically designed for police and high risk SWAT teams. Incorporating removable collar, groin protector and shoulder and upper arm protectors it allows the wearer to adjust the protection to suit any mission.


The standard protection level is NIJ IIIA. To increase the level up to IV it incorporates removable side hard plate insert pockets and front and back hard plate pockets. The patented biceps system maximises the protection for upper-arms.


Made of a high abrasion resistant and flame retardant Cordura and heavy-duty load bearing webbing system it provides quick attachment of MOLLE compatible pouches and accessories. A reinforced drag handle in the back completes Tactical vest complete this modular design.

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