Body Protection: Bullet Proof Vest

Body Protection: Bullet Proof Vest

Bullet Proof Vest

Article No.: 1100033



The Force Ware Bullet Proof Vest is of proven design with side and shoulder closures and adjusters and provides full protection to the front and sides.
The vest is constructed from PU coated fabric with polyester mesh to the body side and low profile Velcro fasteners.
Different sizes and colours are available
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New Ballistic Shield on Wheels NIJ3+

The ballistic trolley shield NIJ 3+ is a new development which has addressed the need to provide a robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable shield platform for shield deployment whilst at the same time enabling rapid dismounting from the platform for hand held operations.



New Endoscopes / Videoscopes

Force ware now offers a range of Fiberscopes / Videoscopes specially made in Germany for EOD and Security purposes. Please check the areas EOD for EOD Videoscopes and Security for Security Fiber- and Videoscopes.