Searching Lamps: LEDLENSER P6

Searching Lamps: LEDLENSER P6

Searching Lamp LEDLENSER P6

Article No.: 1360024


A handful of light: Slim, elegant, user-friendly: Because of its non-slip surface and length of 16.3 cm, the P6 sits very nicely in your hand. This gives the flashlight a good grip. You can focus it using just one hand with the Rapid Focus, and thanks to the Advanced Focus System it offers its user customized, super bright and ultra white light. Get your hands on it.





- LED configuration: 1 x power LED


- Luminosity 200 Lumens


- Lighting range 120 m


- Battery duration approx. 15 hrs (2 x AA Alcaline or NiMH)


- Casing high quality aluminium 


- IPX4 - Protection against water splashing from any direction


- End cap switch


- Length 16.3 cm


- Head diameter 2.6 cm


- Weight 115 g 


- Nylon holster included 

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