Searching: IR Under Door Camera

Searching: IR Under Door Camera

IR Under Door Camera

Article No.: 1190010 


The IR Under Door Camera (UDC) can be used to survey rooms without the camera being visible to room occupants. Clear covert views can be obtained in rooms even without any ambient light. The UDC works with a light source that is not visible to the human eye. Quickly look into rooms with minimal physical site preparation or disturbance. The UDC is a practical and robust tool for use by professionals in a demanding environment.

The UDC utilizes advanced, unique high performance technology. Into the leading edge of the camera tongue tiny Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) cameras have been built in. These image sensors provide high resolution black and white images which are transmitted to a monitor outside of the room being investigated. The integrated, changeable and rechargeable high power batteries assure about 3 hours of operating time.

The UDC is a valuable tool for use in the field in its basic configuration. Its platform can be customized and expanded for organizations wishing to add capabilities such as wireless image
transmission or different monitor options.

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