Searching: Hand-Held Metal Detector MD6

Searching: Hand-Held Metal Detector MD6

Hand metal detector MD6

Article No.: 1090010




- Detects all types of metals
  (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, gold,
   silver, copper etc.)

- Three alarm modes:  LED light bar, audio

   and vibration

- Cost effective: low power consumption allows

  approx. 2000 searches with one standard

  alkaline 9-Volt battery

- Comfortable rubber handle

- Nylon holster included

- Safe for operators and subjects, even involving
  pregnancies or pacemakers.

- Complies with following standards
   F.A.A (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration)
   F.C.C. (U.S. Federal Communications Commission)
   Electrical Safety Std. IEC 529