Body Protection: Demining Suit MPS4

Body Protection: Demining Suit MPS4

Demining Suit MPS4

Article No.: 1020047


The MPS4 mine clearance and search suit is extremely versatile and comfortable, designed to be worn by personnel who have to look for EOD/IED devices and anti personnel mines. The suits Comes with a PASGT ballistic helmet fitted with a fragmentation face shield.




- Full body protection including back, front,

side, neck, under arm, lower groin


- Protection level according to STANAG 2920

  Suit: v50 = 450 m/s. Other levels on request

  Helmet: v50 = 650 m/s

  Visor: v50 = 250 m/s or v50 = 550 m/s


- Additional hard armour plates for enhanced protection

  optionally available; possible protection levels  NIJ III and NIJ IV


- Very versatile and comfortable to wear


- Nomex® outer cover flame resistant and washable


- Full size range S, M, L and XL


- Different colours available






Body Protection: Demining Suit MPS4

Art. No. 1020047